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No Money? No Issue: Here Is the Ultimate Guide to Hit the Road with Little or No Money

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It is a misconception that traveling around can be an expensive proposition, but there are a number of ways to get around the world with very few pennies in your pocket. It may sound like a crazy idea to many people out there, who save money to enjoy their favorite destinations only once or twice in their lives. But it is thrilling to see an adventurer traveling on a full-time basis and there are a number of strategies to implement, to manage the complications of an empty pocket.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a daunting experience due to the shortage of financial resources at hand. The most important thing is that you have the right mindset and a passion for making your dream of traveling a reality. There are a couple of options to go on an overseas trip even if your earnings are nominal or your debt ratio is a little over average. These travel ideas might not give a fancy or luxurious experience but they will create memories for a lifetime.

Work Abroad:

If you have a degree or some work experience, you can apply for a job overseas. There are a number of countries looking to fill their vacancies, where these skills might not be available in the domestic market. Your employer might solve the problems of paperwork like visas and your accommodation facilities as well. In this way, you can travel around the world earning money.  Save as you go, in order to apply for work and travel on to the next country.

Overseas English Teaching Sessions

If you are well versed with the English language, the best option is to apply for English teaching classes. It is a great opportunity to use your skills in teaching children a universal language. Many people who have traveled to Thailand and Vietnam have replenished their travel fund with the aid of these English training sessions.  The English lessons can be taught face to face, as well as via the internet and a lot of nonprofit organizations will pay you for your services. In this way, you can save money for your travel adventures.

Economical Options:

You can adopt the approach of a hitchhiker and as you get lifts from one place to another, your vehicle driver will become your tour guide  – who can probably advise you where you can find inexpensive accommodation.  Maybe even introduce you to learn to cook the local food at home with his family or friends. Try to look for locals to guide you to find the cheapest (and safest) deals for commuting, eating out and a place to stay. In this way you will avoid the traditional travel industry with expensive trip selections. You can walk around to search for cheaper groceries and sales deals whilst getting  the low down on the local culture. Manage the language constraints by using applications like Duolingo.

Part-time Employment:

A lot of people traveling around the globe get their hands on some part-time opportunities in the place of their travel but if you don’t have a work visa, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble.  It would be best if you could set up an online business before you leave,  like content writing, a travel blog that you are paid for, or editing.  But these need a special skills set, so set up something in your home town that suits you – consulting in your field of expertise, even selling arts and crafts on line, that you can work on anywhere in the world. This way, your income continues to come into your local home bank account, which you can tap into and draw on whilst travelling.

Complimentary Travel Opportunities:

No worries if you don’t see yourself falling in the above categories. You can still hit the road and travel without incurring accommodation costs, where you only need to get to the country you choose by watching for flight specials and picking up travel deals.

  • There are a lot of local hospitable people who welcome guests and consider them a blessing from God in some cultures. You can search for online options where people let you stay at their home with little or no expenses from your side.
  • Secondly, visit places where you have friends so that you can stay with them!
  • You might not get your best experiences while commuting on a bus or car. Make use of your feet and cherish the beauties of long walks around Central London or Sydney. You can search Google for a free walking tour of the city you are visiting.
  • Don’t be sad if you can’t afford to book a vacation villa. You can look after someone’s house while they go on their vacation, offering to house and pet sit. This value proposition is just a click away and you just have to register on the relevant sites. Do be responsible though and build up a good reputation.  You just have to get to your destination and feed yourself.
  • You can crowdfund your trip as well. Being an “influencer” in this day and age means that you will have to build up a following on FaceBook or write a travel blog that people love to read. You can pitch to different companies about telling your inspirational stories of travel if they sponsor you. You can enroll on Indiegogo, YouCaring, FundAnything or Trevolta.

Always check with the country you are visiting to see if they require you to prove funding for your visit, for you to have a return ticket, that you have a letter of invitation confirming where you will be staying, etc. Sadly, gone are the days in most countries where you can just pitch up to go exploring! Illegal immigrants have caused most countries to tighten restrictions to ensure that you will be returning home.

Two recent visitors to Royal Jozini Private Game Reserve in eSwatini, have been on the road for more than two years!  “Lilli Pilli” and “Ellen Horlebein” are two German ladies, who travel independently in their own fitted out camping vehicles.  They ask to share camp spots in national parks with other campers, take up kind offers of hospitality wherever it is offered (and in warm and welcoming Southern Africa, it is offered A LOT!) and sometimes meet up with each other. They have huge followings on social media and make sure that they post interesting facts and information on the places they are at.

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Just for fun, before you set out, test yourself on the knowledge that you have gathered on line, or from previous travels and see if you can answer these history trivia questions.

Hitting the road and making your travel dreams come true is something that not everyone strives for. And people might laugh at you when you tell them you are traveling with very little funding. But it will be an amazing experience for you and a way to create long lasting memories.


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