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Game Cruises in Swaziland

Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations, 2007

Taking your own boat onto Lake Jozini at Royal Jozini, means that you will need to comply with all South African inland water regulations, according to the MERCHANT SHIPPING (National Small Vessel Safety) REGULATIONS, 2007 (as amended). In short, the regulations mean that anyone in charge of ANY BOAT, on ANY INLAND OR OFFSHORE WATER, is legally required to conform to these regulations.

Getting ready to buy your own boat?

Most boating shops will be able to assist you with getting your skipper’s licence and the exam itself is designed to test your understanding of the course (rather than spelling or grammar) and mostly consists of common-sense boating questions. The Certificate of Competence issued is for life. Please make sure that you bring yours with you!

Your boat should also have a current COF certificate as when you launch on the Swazi side of the lake, you will cross into South Africa for tiger fishing and game viewing – so you need to conform to all the rules and regulations.

However, no jet skis, canoes, rowing boats or kayaks are allowed onto Lake Jozini as there are hippos and crocodiles aplenty – and your boat needs to be fast enough to escape a grumpy, territorial bull hippo if he decides he doesn’t want you near to him! Likewise, fishing from the shores needs great care as to location, due to the crocodiles.

If you would just love the chance to get out onto the water and you don’t have your own boat, there is a charter available for game viewing and tiger fishing. There are a variety of game species at Royal Jozini that could be sighted – as well as on the South African shores – including elephant, water buck, nyala, bush buck, reed buck, warthog, zebra, wildebeest and giraffe.

The Royal Jozini charter boat is run by Jay Azran and should be booked in advance. Rates can be found here but please ask us for updates. Jay caters for fanatical, fair weather or “five minute” fisherfolk and the charter can be booked for a couple of hours, a half day or full day. Rods and tackle can be provided for you if this is your first time to try tiger fishing! Please note that the tiger fish are protected and so we only practice catch and release.

As well as those fighting Tigers, you might also catch Barbel (both sharp tooth and blunt tooth), Tilapia (Mozambique, Red Breast, Nile, Banded and Israeli), Eels, Barbs, Yellowfish and Carp.

The charter boat can also be booked for just a few hours to do sunrise or sunset game viewing.

Do remember to take a cooler box with water, snacks and sundowners with you. And sun hats and sun cream!